Girls Why Not. Liron’s first joke is funny, to me, and I think it carries an important message.

Liron’s first joke goes like this. “Girls why not.” It’s a statement, not a question. Sometimes it’s more firm. “Girls” (hard stop) “Why” (hard stop) “Not” (hard stop) or “Gurrrls. Why. Not” or “Girlswhynot!” Any way she says it, we who know her, laugh. She thinks it’s funny, and we encourage her to go with her bad self. This joke might not make a lot of sense to you. We’re pretty sure she must have picked this up along the way – maybe from me or a teacher – a statement in passing.

But I like to think there is a deeper meaning.

Girls Why Not.

To me, Liron is making a statement, just like when a bunch of girls go out and decide to do something slightly naughty. (hmm, let’s buy some tickets we can’t afford and go to Portugal and have some fun laying at the beach on the Algarves, drinking beer, tanning). Girls why not. (hmm. let’s have an Almodovar movie night. Haven’t heard of Pedro? Please Google Almodovar. Then put his movies on your Netflix queue ASAP.) Girls why not. (Let’s be bold ladies and make our own rules. For life.) Girls why not.

I certainly don’t see why not. Liron is a peanut. A feminine, dainty, harmless, sweet little girl. It’s on us, her parents and teachers, to help her be more assertive. To speak up. To tell someone if they are bothering her. By all observations she is respectful of all people – their snacks, their space, their turn on the swing (usually). And of course if she was too pushy I would alter the message from “Girls why not” to “girl, watch out!” Her light touch, soft voice, attention to books, and her good listening skills tell me that she’ll be a fine student, and she’ll do well with authority figures. I want to make sure she is confident in her interactions with peers and puts herself first while not shoving her way in front of others.

Therefore, girls why not it is. Rallying cry. Life choice. Dedication to sassiness (apparently this is not a real word). I say, go for it!


One thought on “Girls Why Not. Liron’s first joke is funny, to me, and I think it carries an important message.

  1. GIRLS WHY NOT – even a grandmother understands this from her 3 year old granddaughter. Each generation has their own way of expressing their thoughts whether by dress (cover everything up) attitude (BEHIND every good man is a woman) now that the glass ceiling is crumbling I am with Liron – GIRLS WHY NOT!

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