How low can you go? The day my life coach blew me off.

Thanks for coming back today despite the lack of sexy title. I can assure you this post does discuss a man, but not the kind who comes over my house. He’s a life coach, and he forgot me. I don’t like to criticize or point fingers – and I certainly don’t want to be a “poor me,” but I’m human like everyone else. This is all about how I saw a sign, and then the sign went away.

At a former place of employment I met an aspiring life coach, and let me tell you he is definitely headed in the right direction. Positively overfloweth from his cup. Spend a few minutes with him and you feel happy, perhaps, dare I say even a better you. And it’s not phoney. He is clearly a spiritual person who finds happiness being his best, and I believe this happiness would only multiply given the chance to help others gain a piece of his enlightenment.

A few weeks back I noticed on Linked in that in addition to his full-time job he launched his own company as a certified life coach. Yes, there is a life coach certification program. I couldn’t wait to give this guy a try, then spread the word of his greatness, increase his customer base, and just be a part of getting him started. And really, what better time for me to engage in an activity so seemingly new age and self-indulgent as a life coach! These are judgmental statements and I assure you that here I am only judging myself. Well, I’m trying not to make fun of the whole enterprise. Because I believe in it. Yet I’m still coming to terms with the whole business. (thinking out loud, that’s really the reason I blog, isn’t it?)

AND he missed our call. There I was last Monday, the end of July for my archive readers. It was 7:00PM. I was running late for girls’ night in Harvard Square so that I could take this call. I had the list in hand he asked me to prepare of things I hoped to get out of life coaching. My hair was dirty. I had no makeup on. I was in a Zara tee shirt and jeans. Waiting for my life to change. And I got stood up.

So there’s the sign. There’s no magic bullet. I know what I want to do in order to make my life make more sense. (Find a good balance between my family, my professional goals, and my personal goals, like cooking and working out), and I know it’s a lifelong process. There’s no life manual.

I went out to meet the girls. Looking horrible. No makeup, dirty hair, tee shirt. Sasha was horrified. I thought he might cry, or at least try to kill me for going out in public this way. He must have felt my defeat. He let me go on my way. The girls were more understanding.

So in the end my life coach got the date wrong. He followed up with me the next week. I figured when I was naked (so to speak) and feeling that an objective third-party could listen to me for 30 minutes and help me figure out my life, that would have been a good time to not slip through the cracks. The life coach, like me, is trying to figure life out. What makes sense for him, what fulfills him, and what makes him his best self. I hope he finds success. I hope he maintains his calendar better. As for me, I’ve always had the tools … I just need to be my own best advocate.

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