No thank you, Stonyfield Farm

Like the picture? It’s from the home page of Stonyfield’s website. It gives me a bad feeling, because now I know Stonyfield is trying to insert itself into my life, and Liron’s. And it leaves a bad taste in my mouth. (Pun intended or not. Who cares?)

I’ll share my gripe in the letter I sent to customer service yesterday:

I am disappointed in your campaign at the “I’m Going to Kindergarten” event at Boston’s Children Museum yesterday, 8/28/12. I brought my daughter who is three. The first thing we did was get on the school bus. Then some young woman hopped on the bus and asked the kids to hold empty containers of Stonyfield milk (which I purchase by the way) and took pictures. This had nothing to do with bus safety or school. Don’t you think it’s hard for parents of kids who are just going to school we go to this “get ready for kindergarten” activity, already feeling a little apprehensive, just to be bombarded with your product placement? What do you guys have to do with school? Safety? Kids? Oh and on the way out I got some coupons for free ice cream. At dinner time. Thanks Stonyfield, not. You’ve left a bad taste in my mouth.

Their response came in fewer than 24 hours. Not bad:


Thanks for reaching out to us with your concerns. We’re truly sorry you had
a bad experience with our recent field marketing event. Our hope when we’re
participating in community events is to enhance those events and share the
value of our products with fans old and new.

We’ve forwarded your email along to our field marketing team so that
they’re aware of what took place at this particular event. And we’re
sending along some coupons in the hope that you’ll continue to support our

The folks at Stonyfield

Even small choices can make you a food superhero. Create your own superhero
profile at and we’ll donate $1 to FoodCorps to help
kids get access to healthy food.

And now a note from me – First I’d like to thank the emotionless bot from “CR Relations” for sending the most generic response, with coupons to me. By the way, my name is “Ellen” not “Hello.” Now get outta my head.

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