Thoughts on school uniforms?

Well, not the clearest picture, but check out that adorable little lady clutching her LSB (lamb-sheep-bear for all you not in-the-know) before attending her first day of public school in Boston. The uniform consists of khaki bottoms and either white or maroon shirts. I got what I could find – every khaki bottom piece from Old Navy and every white top from H&M.

There is a sense of discipline associated with wearing a uniform – and this does not imply punishment, but more a code of behaviors, standards, and expectations. Just moving away from “childcare,” where you can technically drop your kid off whenever you dang well feel like it, so long as you’ve paid for that time slot, to public school where you best be in the schoolyard at 8:20 lest you be marked “tardy” tells me that in so many different ways Liron will be a better woman than me.

I am excited for her next big adventure in school and know that she is learning structure (not my favorite thing, but something she will greatly benefit from, and needs), and more importantly, the independence that comes with growing up. (tear) (smile)

What do you think about school uniforms? A good idea to keep everyone’s attention away from what you’re wearing and how you look? A bad idea – a hindrance to individuality? Thumbs up? Down? Or undecided?

Happy Monday and happy back to school/work.

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