See with your eyes, not with your hands

I realized this Sunday as I was leaving the SOWA Open Market that I was having the most asinine conversation with myself. I was running through the details of the previous night (Lynette’s bachelorette party = awesome) with some not-so-awesome happenings (distracting parents at ballet class, Liron getting a minor injury), with more good stuff (shopping at the SOWA Market, duh, picking up lunch at the Annual St. John the Baptist Greek Festival, etc). Anyways, it occurred to me how pointless and destructive it is to try to negotiate the balance between how good and bad the occurrence of one’s day is. I was clearly having a relaxing, fun, priviliged Sunday. Leave it be!

So without further life contemplation or other nonsense, allow me to share a few things that made my Sunday lovely.

My Maya Plisetskaya. That’s my ballerina in the Boston Ballet Library!!  I don’t think the ballet school even advertises this. This small library is packed with books all things ballet – plus videos and DVDs that you can view while you’re there. You can take out two books at a time, and a nice, informed librarian will help you find the book you need. So in addition to 45 minutes of ballet instruction, Liron can sit at a table and read about ballet pigs in Hollywood, Maya Plisetskaya, Baryshnikov, and more.

Maya Plisetskaya

And more “seeing with your eyes.” I’ve enjoyed quite a bit of “window shopping” recently.  I found a couple of vendors at the SOWA Open Market and elsewhere that I would love to patronize at some point, but for now, I take photographs and business cards.

Abby Berkson Ceramics Her ceramics are simple and fun and cute for kids and adults. I’ll be back for you one day, Abby.

Abby Berkson Ceramics

Soluna Garden Farm These ladies (bottom left, darn you Web formatting) seem to have a lot of fun with tea and herbs. With all their fun creations and gourmet cooking ideas (a blog in the works I hear?) I think I could quickly became a fan/follower/loyal customer.

Soluna garden Farm

No matter how you spend you Sunday, be sure to try and take in some lovely sites and creations. And relax (I tell myself) – try not to over think it!

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