Dear Grandma

The first phone number I ever memorized was that of Grandma Helen. This is back when phone numbers were 7 digits!

752-4752. I will never forget this number.

I used to call, rotary phone style. No joke. I’m aging myself. Every time I would start the conversation with “Granny, I dialed you myself!” Once upon a time my mom ordered me a Winnie the Pooh sleeping bag. I was sooo excited. I still remember breathlessly dialing Granny to tell her this big news. Granny  (Grandma Helen) listened and I’m sure communicated just the right amount of enthusiasm to let me know she shared how I felt.

Last weekend I visited my hometown. It was a fun day and Liron and I had a play date, caught up with some old friends (okay, that doesn’t do it justice. I saw the Hirshfeld girls! Really. If you have to ask …) and we saw some family. In the afternoon of this relaxing yet whirlwind of a Saturday Liron asked my mom to go up to her room (my mom’s room that is) for a nap/cuddle. Really, Liron is not the napping type. Liron was so decisive in her wish to nap/cuddle. They went upstairs. I laid down on the couch. Moments before I fell asleep I heard some chatter …. It went something like …

  • Liron: blah blah blah [insert names of Hirshfeld girls here]
  • My mom (aka Beeba): Yes, they are sisters, just like me and Aunt Valerie

Apparently this chatting went on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on

You know what I call this? Grandma chat at its best. Liron knew this already. How did she know this? Grandmas are there to chat about anything. They want to listen. They adore you. You will not get in trouble. What kind of astonishes me is that Liron knew this already. I swear, this was Liron’s very first and very lengthy gossip session. A debrief.

Liron is lucky to have two wonderful grandmothers. Like Grandma Helen and Bubie, my grandmothers, Liron’s grandmothers have lived through many things, seen many things, and have come up with some “unique” ideas about life. I believe they are both at points in their lives where enjoying grandchildren is one of their greatest pleasures.

So Liron, chat on. Looking back I think we all realize nothing is more valuable than those warm, cuddly chat sessions – well, and those enjoyed over a 7-digit rotary phone.

One thought on “Dear Grandma

  1. Being a mother has too many rewards to mention. Two generations trying to explain their positions was hilarious and or heartbreaking. We all left with a life lesson. Being a Grandmother – W O W it is the Cherry On Top. I am so ready for my next chatty cuddle….

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