Oops. I spied on your nanny. Being awesome.

Last week I took Liron to our local library after school. We had to stay out until approximately four o’clock when street cleaning ended and I could actually land some decent street parking. The South End Library is awesome because it’s really kid friendly, baby-friendly even. There is a carpeted circular area with cushions and pillows and kids books that don’t need to be organized or orderly, and a child librarian. This place is Liron’s natural habitat.

We plopped ourselves in the circle and began doing our thang when in comes grouchy nanny and her not grouchy baby. The baby promptly began discovering her world by putting blocks in her mouth. “Not in the MOUT,” she said. She had an accent where she kept saying “MOUT” instead of “mouth” which didn’t make much of an impression on me until my little sidekick kept imitating this order “not in the MOUT.” (Yes, and she was laughing while she did it. ugh. I wished I could have just disappeared!!)

Next came model nanny. Plump. Loving. Warm. Engaging. Her baby and grouchy nanny’s baby began playing, well, the way 9-month old babies play. As in, “You have a nose.” Poke. Poke. “You have eyes.” Poke. Poke. and so on. It was very sweet.

As the playfulness continued names were exchanged, ages, and so on. My ears perked up. Model nanny’s baby had a name I recognized. I’ve heard the name before but it’s not a common name. I did some mental calculations and thought yes, he does seem to be the age of a baby of a fellow former coworker that I have become friendlier with in recent months. I noticed some resemblance to her.

I was about to ask the nanny if she worked for my friend but another voice in my head said if she was the nanny then this interaction might cause a change in her behavior. Surely I would tell my friend I saw her nanny and report back on how she did. Wouldn’t this make her really self-conscious?

Finally I decided not to make the connection, but just hang out with this nanny bunch. We chatted. I watched the babies. Liron watched the babies – a proud big girl among babies. With each interaction I more and more hoped she was indeed my friend’s nanny. Because she was awesome!

Later that evening I emailed the suspected mom/friend and it turned out I did spy (spying is a strong word, isn’t it?) on her nanny and son. She was so excited that I was sitting right beside them while she was at work. I sent her a report of the interaction. I said how warm her nanny was and how genuine she seemed in her love for the baby and in her interactions with people in general, including me and Liron. I really would have hated to report something negative about the interaction, but I would have. Good thing there was no need. Anyone would be privileged with the opportunity to hire this woman to watch their child.

Working parents have enough to focus on and worry about during the day. Knowing you’ve chosen the best childcare possible makes all the difference.  Nanny cams? I’m not really into them. Seems like too much of an invasion of privacy. Fellow mommy reports? Those are the best.

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