Namaste. Yes, that is a picture of Liron and me praying to the potty

I led the briefest of yoga practices in Liron’s bedroom today with a couple of friends, hers and mine. There is just something about sitting “crisscross applesauce,” and putting one’s hands together with thumbs touching your breastplate that makes you feel instantly meditative and peaceful. And no – this has nothing to do with religion.

There we were, five of us; moms and daughters. Eyes closed, I hope! In position. And then I said “The light in me honors the light in you. Namaste.” And everyone repeated me. This is how we did at o2, back when they were in the South End. *And yes, I do plan to return to o2 in Cambridge!*

What is so *especially* cute about a couple of 3-year-olds reciting this message? They’re three. Duh. It’s an awesome age. To state the obvious. It also gives me hope. I believe reciting the message of bringing out the best in yourself and others will stay with them, will help them seek out and cultivate relationships with people who take the same approach to life, and will ultimately lead to more happiness.

This isn’t a yoga thing. This is a life thing. It’s a family thing. A friend thing. A work thing. A random stranger thing.

Moving right along … What does this picture have to do with my post? After all, it’s just me and Liron sitting in a random hotel room in New York. Well people, it’s all I got. My mom took it this weekend at “GIrls’ weekend. No boys allowed.” No doubt an important theme for another day. Stay tuned my friends.


2 thoughts on “Namaste. Yes, that is a picture of Liron and me praying to the potty

  1. “Girls weekend, no boys allowed” was a hoot! From the HOTEL FROM HELL to a remorseless budding artist (and yoga participant) it was a H O O T ! A must to repeat – a lemon to lemonade time!

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