Dear Kenan. A letter to a lost friend

Dear Kenan,

I told a non-story story yesterday evening. It was in the midst of a great discussion. At work. I realized it was a non-story story toward the end of my thought. I tried to save it. I was slightly successful. Were you laughing up there?

I started using a Mac at work. I’m figuring it out. Little by little. And I think soon I’ll be a Mac enthusiast. Are you shaking your head at me?

The other day I thought how nice it would be to put a splash of Grand Marnier in my coffee. Remember when you came to a party at our house and nearly drank the whole bottle? That stuff is expensive! You apologized and I forgave you. Are you drinking Grand Marnier up there?

I cooked a cauliflower quiche on Wednesday night. It was good. I used nutmeg just like you showed me. Remember when we bought phyllo dough instead of a pre-made crust because something got lost in translation? Then you had a heated conversation with your mom in Germany to figure out what we needed to do? Now I make crustless quiche. I bet you’d like it. Are you well fed up there?

The weekend is upon us. I have some fun plans with Sasha and friends, including a wedding! I’m excited. Do you have a lot of friends up there?

I found a silverish-grey hair on my head today. I can joke about getting old, but really, I still feel pretty young. I think I’m nearly the age you were when you left. Will you be in your mid-30’s forever up there?

Kenan, are you omniscient, omnipresent up there, like G-D? Do you know when you pop in my mind at various moments? I think yes. Thinking of you friend.

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