Binders full of Women. Thanks for making politics funny.

Mitt. I loved you. You handsome bastard. You came to David Brudnoy’s class at the time he was my professor at Boston University, and you spoke to us. A surprise guest star. You charmed me. As governor of Massachusetts you helped overturn that ugly law preventing us from buying alcohol on Sundays. You put personal religion aside and made my life a little more convenient. Thank you for that.

I am partial to Mormons. I have worked with a couple of fine Mormons, in healthcare and in academia market research. I know you are fine people. Family people. Educated people. And the handful I know happen to be great leaders. Mitt. You had a head start in my book.

I’ve become more conservative in my years. I got a couple of college degrees. Got me some jobs. Got me some health insurance. Set up some fancy plans with fancy letters and numbers, like 401k, 529, ESPP. I giggled at those Occupy people. But I can’t do it. Mitt. I just can’t. You’ve crossed the line too many times. This non-political beast. This “don’t come to me with your political conversations, let’s talk about butterflies and rainbows instead” kinda chick, I can’t do it.

Mitt, you might have “won” the first debate with your passion, your overwhelming need to interrupt, bulldoze, and yes, articulate, but you absolutely lost me on debate #2. But nowhere in my wildest dreams would I imagine the inter webs would take your “Binders full of Women” and have so much fun. Nearly 300 MILLION items render after a simple Google search using the phrase “Binders full of Women.” I quite enjoyed the Tumblr site. That’s why I linked it – look up. Up, it’s right there!

Binders full of Women. Doesn’t it just make you cackle with delight? Really, this is non-partisan. This phrase is as funny as it is ridiculous.

For real, people. Old age and dying is sad. Cancer is too. Stress, money, lack of sleep, grey hairs. Sucks!! Binders full of women. Funny! Thanks Mitt and thanks people out there for hopping to it – the SECOND Mitt said what he said – starting a Facebook Page – and any other number of sites, and just having FUN.


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