I’m Seeing Red

No I’m not angry.

I had a blog post all prepared last night that I’ll surely post soon, but I’m compelled to share something else that’s on my mind and it has nothing to do with me. Don’t you hate it when times are sad or scary and then you go on social media and it occurs to you just how self-centered the whole business is? Because someone’s baby is sick and you don’t know how bad it might be, or you’re worried about your grandmother, or there’s a war going on somewhere? Of course you never *have* to turn to social media when life gets tough – but you get my point. Why talk about me, my thoughts, my musings, and general funny stuff that is entertaining (hopefully) when so many hearts are heavy?

I had a quick Facebook chat with a friend today on the bus home from work. She should have been telling me about some guy or some club or some class or some friend. Instead it’s some missiles and some bomb shelters and some unknowns and some fear.

I don’t want to complain about the rain or the cold today. I don’t want to complain that I still haven’t found a way to weave yoga into my weekday routine. Because I didn’t have to worry that a rocket would hit Liron’s school today, or that our family might have to be evacuated to a nearby shelter.

On that note, dear friends, I wish you a wonderful weekend. See you again when I’m 34.

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