Happy six months IWHMC!!

Dancing!Dearest readers,
Through a fortnight of illness, first Liron then me, I haven’t forgotten today marks six months since I launched I Will Have My Cake. It has been a lot of fun writing down my thoughts and learning that some of you out there enjoy it, even sharing articles and thoughts after posting, whether it’s through phone calls, comments, emails, or “likes.” It’s been a really cool conversation starter with friends and has helped me try and gain perspective on life. So thanks for reading!

Here is a little review of the past six months:

>2300 visits have been made of which …
>2000 are in the US
>100 in Israel
Other visitors come from Germany, Bulgaria, Denmark, the Emirates, Egypt, Thailand, Sweden and more!

Top blogging categories are friendship and support.

And now see the “top 5” posts by traffic:

And now, the 5 posts in need of some LOVE:

Thanks again, everyone for making this such fun. In good health, Ellen.

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