Spirit lifters and spirit crushers

Erica, a spirit lifter

Erica, my friend. A spirit lifter.

It sounds like I’m about to get serious, huh? You’d be correct. I sincerely hope you have encountered many people in your life thus far who have given you that unexplainable feeling. The inspired, light-as-air, newish, smile from ear-to-ear kind of feeling. Really, nobody “makes” you feel anything, they “induce” feelings in you, right? So was it the way he or she talked to you, looked at you; did you recognize a quality she has that reminds you of yourself, or how you’d like to see yourself, if only you were brave enough? This person could be anyone, really … Someone working at a coffee shop who just happens to say the right thing at the right time to brighten your day, a new friend, someone you’ve met who you’re hoping, wishing, dying to make friends with; someone who through their actions or words caused you to look at yourself and life differently, through a really happy lens. “Spirit Lifters,” if you’ll allow me. Yup, I’m allowed to get new age-y. It’s my bloggy and I cry if I want to!!

Spirit lifters are never to be limited in quantity or quality and are only meant to spread positivity like some incredibly tenacious infectious disease. On the other hand we have the very dangerous “Spirit Crushers.” Yup. You know this had to come. These are a dangerously unavoidable group. Spirit crushers are self-centered, often frightened, insecure individuals who can’t see beyond their issues to lift you up. Quite the opposite, they are ready to pull you down. Their goal is strictly survival in any sense of the word; it could be survival of a friendship, marriage, job – anything tangible or intangible. I think of the moldy strawberry I picked out of a container of otherwise healthy strawberries. Pick out the moldy strawberry, it will spread to the healthy ones I tell you!

Okay Ellen, what are you getting at here? Well, I got a moldy strawberry on my hand one day. I lost a lot of sleep over it. The stress was incredible. It’s just amazing how much mental energy, time, and just despair we suffer over something. I needed the self-control, strength, and the power to manage a situation that was harmful.

I was really frustrated about something a few years ago, something that really hurt me. Sasha looked at the situation and said “Ellen, you are so much bigger than that (problem).” He really forced me to put it into perspective. “Don’t give them the power to get you down.” He was right. Looking back years later I understand that what at the time seemed like a major life disappointment was a simple setback. In fact, I think it was a “meant to be” kind of thing. Now I’m not immune to negative people or situations, no one is. But I manage it in a healthier way, and like you, dear reader, I continue to try and put things into perspective; retaining the good and weeding out the bad. After all, what good will the latter do for me, or you?

This is a tough time of year for many; the holidays, end of year, blah blah. Gift buying, holiday gathering, happiness, sadness, stress, overwhelming amounts of social activity, overwhelming loneliness. It’s all there, and more. Lets take this time and think about generosity of SPIRIT.

Perhaps in moments of ignorance and insecurity I have been the spiritual offender. And I like to think in many more cases I have helped to lift more than one person’s spirits up. And there’s no better feeling. Let’s do some “pay it forward” shit, okay? Do you know someone who is good at something? You probably assume he knows it already. Why don’t you go on a limb and let him know what you think. Do you have a really supportive friend that’s always there for you? Now might be a good time to tell her you notice she’s there and how much it means to you. Got a coworker or classmate in need of some tips or encouragement? I think you caught my drift.

Now lets go out there and do some lifting!


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