Monetize Me. No, please don’t. I’m SEO on a rant!

You know what kind of pisses me off? The feeling I get when I’m on someone’s blog or website and it occurs to me that the sole purpose as a visitor is for me to click around and increase SEO. SEO my friends may know is Search Engine Optimization, a series of techniques that draws a person to your site through search terms, enabling them to “stumble upon” your site by linking to others’ sites, products, etc., all in an effort to increase traffic, allowing them to profit from advertising, if desired. Bear with me, my audience runs the spectrum.

I’m not including links to today’s post on purpose. Yes, sometimes I do. And that’s my prerogative. Please channel Bobby Brown now. Bobby, you bastard. You killed Whitney. AnyWHO … I digress from my rant. And yes, I do realize this is a rant of a post. It’s Monday. And I just found out the world is round. But then Thomas Freidman told me it’s flat. Now I’m all sorts of confused.

I just lost 1/2 of my audience. (See you Friday, friends)

The long and the short of it is – I know some people who make a living writing, and I know some people who bring in supplemental income writing. And then there are some of you who write for fun, perhaps with the hope that one day it will turn into something more. I respect all of you. Now, when I’m on a blog and I see this “I just discovered the most amazing artist who lives in the forest of Seattle and makes needlepoint bras with teddy bears on the nipples and they’re so gosh darn cute and only cost $250.00 apiece,” I don’t believe you. You didn’t find this artist. She found you. And she thinks you have her target audience, and she wants you to advertise her needlepoint teddy bear bras. And you probably got a Warner’s bra on. And next week when you tell me about the wooden ovenware made from a rare but totally sustainable birch tree in Denmark, I won’t believe you again! Now I’m not just your SEO bot-bitch, you’re lying to me!

I don’t want to trade a chance to share genuine thoughts for money. And while I respect and appreciate a number of bloggers, sometimes I smell a rat. I’m here to listen, to respond, and to selfishly be entertained, not pay your bills.

On the other hand if I’m ever a published author Please Buy My Book!!!

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