TCOB-ing in 2013!

Happy New Year!You had to expect this was coming, right? IT IS a time of reflection after all. End of the year, close of the holidays, a new year upon us … Now, for those of you who aren’t familiar with TCOBing, this is Taking Care of Business, in my world. This term came into use a little over a year ago when I was working on a really cool work project and in general felt like I was winning at life, in many more aspects than just professionally. Friends and coworkers were TCOBing with me. Now, let’s all TCOB in 2013. Really, let’s do it.

Now, in the spirit of The Happiness Project that I am currently reading (on the June chapter, thank you very much) please find my ten 2013 resolutions. Some are quite simple, others more serious. Some are just for funsies. But funsies matter. (On a semi-technical note you might notice there are some things I refer to but don’t link. I just can’t do it. I’m working on my mother-in-law’s Mac and everything is in Russian.)

  1. Make fried rice at home. Using brown rice.
  2. Kick off the TED talks group. This is where a TED talk will be viewed and discussed. Like a book discussion group without the book but with the stimulation of the video.
  3. Work on body awareness. Just to be clear on what I’m thinking here – have you ever been to a yoga class and the teacher is repositioning you frequently and then at the end of class you feel really great? And you realize on a daily basis you basically flop your body from place to place? Does your body feel like a foreign object you’re just trying to deal with? Yeah. that.
  4. Go to the movies more often. See more movies/films. See them with friends. See them alone.
  5. Read books. Real books. Not the digital kind. I’ve accepted I’m not really into the e-books yet.
  6. Visit the library more often. This sounds like item 5 1/2 doesn’t it? But not really. The library is an institution. I want to show up there. Support it. Go to events like the one I attended for the Boston Book Festival this summer. I want to take Liron there (more often).
  7. See an author talk or two, as I did this year. It was enriching.
  8. Read Seth Godin’s book about quitting. As in, when it’s the right time to call a project quits, and when it’s your calling to stick it out and be a HERO! I haven’t gotten to it yet.
  9. Frame and hang more pictures around the apartment. ’nuff said.
  10. Take care of me more. And by this I refer to cosmetic activities. More frequent trips to get my hair cut. Color my hair more, or get it done professionally. More pedicures, etc.

Do you have advice or tips for me on how to meet these resolutions?

On a closing note, dear reader, I never wanted to make this ALL ABOUT ME. What about you? What’s in store for 2013? What are some of your goals be they professional or personal?

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