An evening in Tel Aviv / Midnight in Paris Moment

EllenSashaI spent some time looking through albums dating back to 2005 on Shutterfly today. These albums are particularly important to me since they were lost on the interwebs for a while. You see, Shutterfly acquired Kodak Ofoto a while ago and transitioned my Kodak albums over – with a few MAJOR hiccups. If you’re like me and you’ve been through a FEW computers in the past seven years, you don’t know where the hell all your original photos are saved … So you’ll understand how happy I was to see these old albums pop up after some time in purgatory.

So where did I first head? To my 2005 trip to Israel with Sasha of course! Why? Mostly for reasons of vanity. You see, Americans who go to Israel immediately look BETTER. We lose weight. We eat healthier foods and are so much more active, and tan. Additionally, I was seven years younger. Sigh … This predates marriage, legal and Jewish, and baby. I was still in grad school. In fact, I had just accepted a job offer at Genzyme, or was about to.

Just look at our little 26-year old faces …

Then it struck me! I was having a Midnight in Paris moment. (And for those of you who haven’t seen the movie, the point is we romanticize the “good old days;” time periods that seemed so much deeper, happier, smarter than our current times, rather than living in and embracing the present). Gosh, looking at that photo of us chilling out at a bar, all beers and tans, you’d forget I was actually upset during most of that trip. I wanted to get engaged and married! I had been with Sasha six years and I felt like I deserved my relationship upgrade. Here we were in Israel for Sasha’s cousin’s wedding, which was so beautiful and joyous, and much of the time I was just hurt, confused, and unsure about the future.

You know what comes next. Fast-forward to today. I’m older, wiser, and I’m Mrs. Giller. I can look at those pictures and remember the happy moments, the flatter abs, the lazy beach days with beers, naps … Damn! Who am I trying to fool?!

I kid. It occurred to me that what I so badly wanted in Israel I have now. So there’s my evening in Israel/Midnight in Paris moment.

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