Michelle Obama, Wardrobe Drama. Why her choices actually matter.

Michelle Obama is no Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis. And thank god for that. Jackie O was a chic first lady. She breathed fresh air into the White House; fought JFK to make expensive, extravagant renovations to their temporary home, oh she was a model of fine European fashion. She also claims to have weighed herself daily, opting for a liquid-only diet for the day if she exceeded her “normal” weight by a pound or two. Not quite the role model for women and girls in this country and beyond …

Let’s skip a couple of decades and find ourselves a great first lady. No thanks, Laura Bush (though props for her love of & advocacy for libraries), and let’s just say thank goodness Ann Romney can just keep on keepin’ on from her manse in Belmont … And now, Michelle Obama!! Yes. Love her or leave her, she is a fine American woman (in my humble opinion). She is a symbol of a successful wife and mother; and on top of that she’s had an interesting career in which she made conscious choices according to her morals and family values. I can actually look to her and think “She knows what it’s like to be soo tired but still have soo much to do.” She’s a real person, like you and me. She’s had the whole “sick kid, gotta call into work” type of thing.” She’s experienced the freedom and autonomy that comes with being a working full-time mom, as well as the pains and frustrations …

Okay, what about the wardrobe drama? Yes, “the media” scrutinizes and gushes over her wardrobe choices when they should focus more on the fact that she is (again, my opinion) a great symbol of the woman who has it all (sometimes too much!!). But her fashion choices deserve to be recognized. She has, time and time again, chosen to bring up-and-coming American fashion designers and manufacturers to the forefront. Yes, one sweater, one coat, one dress is all that it takes to get one struggling designer, or one designer on the cusp of great success, to be a big national or international brand – creating a successful booming new domestic business – to New York, LA, or wherever. That’s a political choice I can get behind.

As First Lady, Jackie O flaunted her Parisian fashion around, showing the rest of the world America can embrace fashion. Michelle Obama shows the country, and the world that there are some great American designers like Jason Wu,  Tracy Reese, and Lela Rose, among many others that are amazing, and local, and responsible. Ps, Thom Browne made the coat in the picture. Me likey.

I vote yes on fashion. I’m still averse to most political conversations.

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