Crying with girlfriends is awesome, right?

20130201-222731.jpgAt the beginning of 2012 Sasha surveyed the aftermath of a New Year’s catchup between a me and a couple of girlfriends. In the wake of this casual evening were at least a few bottles of wine, empty, numerous baguettes consumed, cheese and chocolate wrappers strewn about. “How was the night?” Sasha asked, equal parts alarmed and amused by the messy evidence of our massive Roman feast. “It was great. There was some emotion. Tears were shed.” He was not surprised in light of the empty wine bottles alone.

I had a fantastic night, though my friend apologized for the emotion that came about during a pretty intense religion and science discussion. She apologized because she knew “this wasn’t the night I had planned.” “Huh? The night I had planned?” This was better! Who doesn’t love a good cry with the girls? Tears tear down walls, expose us … It’s like losing your relationship virginity to people you will never have a sexual relationship with.

A few years ago I had a dinner date with a friend. Total bonding experience. We laughed, like in that way you hoot and should be all embarrassed … And cried. My friend shared some really painful family history. It helped me to really get to know her better. It’s one of those talks where you know you’re really trusted and your relationship has moved up a few levels.

Same thing this week when a “meh”day turned into a fabulous day after I texted a friend for an impromptu lunch date. We caught up and once again tears were shed. (I know you probably think I’m just an emotional wreck but truly I’m not!!) A minor quantity of wine was consumed and by the end of our lunch hour we had added a new layer to our friendship. As I walked out into the sunny spring weather and hippity-hopped back to work I had a good ol’spring in my step.

Dear reader, do you love to cry it out with friends?


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