Do you have an end-of-weekend hangover?

snowThis weekend had all of the components of a lovely, history making storm. Excitement filled the air all week but came to a fever pitch by Thursday. The impending storm. Would it be a blizzard? Remember the Blizzard of ’78? Yes, well, no, but I was conceived during that storm, part of a mid-november ’78 baby boom.

Grocery runs! What will you stock up on? Wine, bread? Oh, the lines at the grocery store! Get out the slow cooker. And the Netflix, don’t forget the Netflix! Get a good book. Cozy up. Prepare in case electricity is interrupted. The beauty of a New England storm. Before and after pictures on Facebook. Cars, streets covered in snow. Kids in snowsuits. Dogs on sleds. Joy. Just joy.

My weekend began early, as most of yours did! But mine was a trip to Albany one day early so that Nemo didn’t stop us altogether. And what’s better than waking up at your destination on the day of your planned travel? Nothing! You’re already there! Stay in your pj’s! Drink coffee!

After that there was some hot room yoga (yes! torture) a trip to the salon! (taking care of New Year’s resolution #10, awesome!), birthday party (win!), Liron playing in 2′ snow (adorable!), cousins, my brother, grandmas, family (yes!). And then there is the coming home.

It’s Sunday night. (sigh). I’ve been away all weekend (kitchen looks neglected) The week will start anyways, even if I’m not ready (but, I didn’t make my soup!) sigh. My weekend prep. (oh bother). I have the Sunday blues.

Oh beautiful winter storm, how I love thee (and my garage spot too). You and your beautiful white flakes of snow, turned into tall white walls on the streets of the city (oh lanes, where art thou?) Family scattered once more. Luscious vegetables, grains, and meats in my kitchen just waiting to be transformed into something infinitely more luscious. But alas, I am tired, and Sasha told me to relax. (oh bother).

Beloved weekend and storm, let’s meet again next week, shall we? Oh my weekend hangover, how do I cure thee?


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