Oscar Night is Upon Us! About the Traditions We Create

OscarOne week and (nearly) one day until Oscar night!! Now you might have read about a dear lost friend who loved to have something to look forward to. Well one of those things happened to be an evening on the couch with friends watching the Oscar’s – trying not to talk through the whole thing. Of course no tradition would be complete without a special food.  White Chocolate and Grand Marnier Souffle has been part of our evening for maybe eight years now. Wine, cheese, fruit and other wonderful nosh most certainly find their way in thanks to generous guests who always show up with exciting thoughtful, delicious stuff. Last year I added a new item to the repertoire, Carmelized cashews with cayenne!.

While it’s nice to get as many movies in before Oscar night, it’s definitely not as easy as it used to be. I remember one Saturday before Oscar night I went to the movie theater in Kendall Square, saw Slumdog Millionaire and Milk, with a break in between for lunch. A movie marathon day is a legit goal, especially when you go with someone who loves the same movies as you.

The best part about this or any other “accidental” tradition, or whatever you want to call it, is realizing how organically the whole thing came about. It wasn’t planned, but every year it’s back by popular demand, to the point that’s it’s just expected we’ll get together. Each year we remember our dear departed, and each year we pour some Grand Marnier to remember someone who helped usher in a new tradition while also introducing enduring friendships. I don’t know too much about this year’s Oscar lineup and I haven’t kept on top of all of the nominees, but I’m already excited for next Sunday.

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