Have you found something new that moves you?

I had a great day, thanks for asking. I went to the Children’s Museum with my best little girlfriend. As you might know dear reader, I’ve had mixed feelings about the museum, due to their overzealous dairy marketing campaign this summer at the “I’m going to kindergarten event.

Bygones? When I read that a troupe from Urbanity Dance Studio, a nonprofit dance company from my neighborhood would be performing I had to take Liron! We’ve been on a dance theme for a while now. Plus, it’s President’s Day and the city was our oyster.

I know a little about Urbanity. I took a pay-what-you-can yoga class which I thoroughly enjoyed, Liron took a trial class there once, and I’ve already booked her 4th birthday party there for April. So you see, I like this place. So I tore down that wall, Mr. President. I visited the museum and went to see them …

I was surprised by my reaction to the performance, for which most of the time I was teary. As with my first purchase of strawberries at the farmer’s market last spring, I felt the need to suppress my emotion so as not to cause a spectacle. Yes, the strawberries were that good. Anyways, between the music and the beautiful, even funny stories told through dances, (no words!) and Liron on my lap (my sweet little girlfriend), I was more than content. I was amazed and really drawn in by the whole thing.

In The Happiness Project, author Gretchen Rubin decides to go to a newspaper stand every week for one month and choose three random magazines to read cover-to-cover in order to expand her horizons about something she has no involvement with or knowledge of, like equestrian health or the Mormon religion. I read that portion and only wished I was Gretchen. Where did she find the TIME for that? Oh, to be free and explore. Well, I guess it just happened.

Two weeks ago I had 45 minutes to kill during Liron’s ballet class, so I picked up a biography of Martha Graham from the ballet library and read some. It’s a massive book and I wasn’t sure I was ready to commit to this. But hey, maybe this is MY Gretchen Rubin Happiness Project and contemporary dance is the random new passion.

Dear reader, what moves you?


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