Stroller rage. Don’t mind if I do.

I’m going to start my blog with a p.s. Why wait til the end for a p.s.? P.s.Liron is still my only one, so don’t get all excited by this picture. P.P.S, this is how new moms really look. Tired. Dirty hair. Fabulous. Well, that’s pretty much me every day. But never mind. This post is about stroller rage. And if you know me, you know me.

We live in a fantastic city. And we got really lucky with this neighborhood. It’s a historical place that was drug and prostitute infested in the ’80s and just flamboyant. I can’t really write the history of a period I didn’t experience so this is just hearsay. These days the South End is a little more conservative, which is to say there is a huge mostly gay male population mixed with young families growing out of their apartments – busting out at the seams really – doing what we can to stay here because it’s just a great place to be. There is a community music center nearby, great new restaurants, a handful of cafes, and some great parks. People are nice, friendly, tolerant. Call me crazy but I feel like I’m in the peak of civilization here. But there’s always a rotten apple.

Stroller haters. And it’s always some woman who looks to be the age of a grandmother who is just hostile. Have you run across any of these ladies, dear reader?  I don’t mind hostile feelings, but some of these hostile people don’t  keep their hands to themselves. One day at our nearby coffee shop I had an unfortunate run-in with a woman who took offense to the nearby stroller (and maybe Liron? Totya Jenna?) and shoved it aside. She didn’t push it across the room or anything, she made more of a statement, showing what a hindrance it was (or we were?) … So I gave her a nice treat! I shoved her with the stroller. Got her in the back of her ankles. Ooops!! Not. And you know what, confronted by someone her own size, the woman cowered.

Look, I know my child isn’t as special to you as she is to me. I get that. But hands off. Don’t give me the pleasure of a good fight, because when it comes down to it I find this stuff hilarious. Jenna, remember this? It was a great laugh. Heck, it still is!

P.s. I don’t shove adults, kids, dogs, or otherwise. But if I do, you reserve the right to fight back.


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