Get ready to be a “B” student

bplus“Get ready to be a ‘B’ student.” A woman from my Isis Parenting group was told this by her boss as she prepared to go back to work at Mass General Hospital. It struck me as odd and offensive. Did coming back to work as a mom mean she would go down a grade? Had she been a “A” performer before?

Perhaps you’re a “B” when you return to work as a brand new mom – as in 3 months into new motherhood. After all there’s a steep learning curve to being a parent. And you’re most certainly sleep deprived. And you’re a little worried, possibly sad, torn … But a “B” student for good? I’m not so sure.

What do you think, dear reader?

I’m starting to conclude that I’m working too hard at being an “A+” homemaker while balancing work. I’m doing really well at it. However, it’s in conflict with one of my resolutions for the year (to be more body conscious; in turn doing more exercise) because I’m not making any time for that! In short, I’m de-prioritizing something else that’s important to me. Since we’re almost 3 months into the new year, I’d say it’s a great time to look back at resolutions set for 2013 and see where I’m at. (this upcoming post promises to be painful.)

Anyways, just some thoughts to marinate on. I am going to start working on being an “A+” at taking care of myself … Whilst trying very hard not to use this grading system …

How about you, dear reader? What’s important to you these days?


One thought on “Get ready to be a “B” student

  1. As long as you aren’t letting down the people that depend on you, and you are content with how you stand with yourself, you can’t be anything other than an A. Focusing too much on achievement isn’t good, in my opinion. If you just try to lead a happy and healthy life, all of the other goals should eventually fall into place.

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