10 Happy Things! (Because today sucked)

HappyMy friend once wore a shirt to a barbeque with a sash that said “2008, well that sucked.” I could say that about today. So in the spirit of lightening up and getting over it, here are “10 Happy Things.”

  1. Liron is doing awesome. Her teacher reports lately she is more social and talkative at school, even asking a fellow classmate to help her with her nap time blanket. Not that she ever naps. But that’s not the point. She is speaking up and expressing herself well. On Sunday we saw two kids at the park from her previous daycare and she invited them to her upcoming birthday. And they’re coming. Good times.
  2. We’re going to see Paul McCartney at Fenway Park in Boston on July 9. Sasha got the tickets. Yeah.
  3. I have a lunch date with a cool friend tomorrow; the one I met on the Internet. Because come on, it’s 2013. We all need at least one friend we met on the “Net.”
  4. AND I have after work date at Tapeo with another friend on Thursday. Maybe we’ll cry together like last time!? Sooo cathartic! Mmm, sangria and tapas here I come!
  5. Sasha and I checked out a new restaurant, Boston Chops, on Saturday on date night! Okay, we didn’t actually eat anything but I had a drink called Pamplemousse with sparkling white wine and grapefruit and it was awesome. And I got to dress up for funsies. Win!
  6. Sasha and I are on our “lucky 13.” Yup, 13 years since we met in Israel. We had our 6th Jewish wedding anniversary about 2 weekends ago, which Sasha spent sick with food poisoning, but that’s beside the point. Go us!
  7. Okay, while we’re on the topic of Sasha, he got a position in a working group this summer at the Fletcher School researching cyberstuff and we are soo excited that he’ll still be in Boston with us – and most importantly he will be manning the grill!!
  8. Liron is almost 4!! And I’m so looking forward to her birthday party and seeing some little friends, one of whom invited us to a posh party in May. Yes, we’ll be there!
  9. Spring has sprung. It was 60 degrees in Boston yesterday. How lovely. We “sprung ahead” and now we have extra daylight and things are basically just awesomer. You know?
  10. Celebrating a very special person, Auntie Hilda. I saved the best for last. It is not only the most important item, it is also happy mixed with much sadness. Auntie Hilda, my grandmother’s (Bubie) sister, raised four kids and had four grandkids; and she was a huge person in my mom’s life and many others’ lives. She was pure positivity. Always happy, always nice and sweet, and always interested. She lived to age 93 and died this Sunday, March 31, 2013. May she rest in peace and be with Uncle Harry.

Auntie Hilda

If you had, are having, or plan to have a day that’s less than encouraging, I suggest you make yourself a “Top 10” too!

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