My cheerleader

“You look like a ballerina!” Liron exclaimed after I modeled a green shirt I just received from Rue La La. It was more of a blouse. A departure from my super casual wardrobe. You know when you get something of high quality, and the fit is more detailed and dramatic and you’re not quite sure what to make of it – whether you love it or hate it?

I think Liron sensed my apprehension and she responded with such high praise and enthusiasm. It felt so nice, especially coming from her. I believed it. I believed at that moment Liron saw me as her elegant, graceful mother. The way you always want you daughter to look at you.

I’ve noticed Liron has generally been very supportive lately, and extremely sensitive to her surroundings. For example, looking for a nice spot to park and drop her off at school, I was not having road rage, but I guess I was making little comments like “hmm, that’s not going to work,” and “oh, that guy can’t triple-park.” Liron picked up on this and immediately began to offer her services from the backseat. “Mama, I will help you park,” and “Don’t worry, everything will be okay.” This humored me quite a bit, but mostly I was surprised she even noticed or cared.

I never imagined the daughter to mother relationship to be a particularly smooth one at this age, but we’re going strong. In fact, I wonder if Liron is the one person in the world who just really “gets” me right now. Maybe I get support and encouragement from others, in fact I’m sure I do, but her sweet high-pitched, enthusiastic voice, and the way she looks at me is the most meaningful. Whatever it is, I appreciate my little cheerleader and her sensitivity and encouragement. Looks like four will be a good year for us.


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