Boston awesome – touring WWII style, tap dancing, and robots that do stuff for you

Maurice HinesNever a dull moment in Boston I say. Or think (often) to myself. When not driving our beloved Marianne Giller around (my car that is), strolling about, taking that cray silver line bus, or cabbing it around with Papa, we like to take amphibious vehicles around, like this WWII era Duck Tour bus/boat! Yup, we had great family adventure last week when we took Liron on her first Duck Tour of the city. As we neared the Boston Marathon finish line, I wondered what the driver would say. And I’m so happy to report he focused on the historical relevance and general awesomeness of this event, no mention of those nobody Chechen brothers. At the end of our tour the driver stated, “If you would like to discuss recent events in Boston, please talk to me after the tour. I didn’t discuss certain things because they never have been part of this tour and never will be.” Well done I say, particularly given the tour was mostly for international travelers.

How else do we get around? Tap dancing, glad you asked! Last week I saw Tappin Through Life: An Evening with Maurice Hines at the Cutler Majestic Theatre. Mr. Hines is nearly 70 years old and DAMN he’s got energy! I was impressed, but wowed by the Manzari Brothers, an amazing pair, just as Maurice and his equally famous brother Gregory Hines were back in the day. Do you ever see such talent that you just tear up and feel ready to burst? Me + Awesome tap dancing = bliss.

Ladies + Gents, I don’t want to make you blush, but I just went to the Makr Shakr website (and I suggest you do as well), and I saw this line “What could you make with the power of three robots in your pocket?” Did you giggle too? For realsies. I know I always boast about the awesomeness of Boston, duh, so let’s focus on some really awesome innovations coming out of Boston … Well, technically the other side of the river, Cambridge! Yup, our beloved geeks at MIT have concluded that it’s important that we, everyday folk, are empowered to have as much control in the creation of our alcoholic beverages as possible. And for that I say thank you. Now where’s my drink you lazy damn robot!?

I hope you enjoyed the mini-tour, aka, a week in the life of IWILLHAVEMYCAKE!

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