When life is normal and there are no battles to fight

bikeGuys, here’s the sitch. Things in my life are normal right now. It’s disconcerting to be honest. Life isn’t perfect by any means. There are things I’d change if I had a magic wand (flat abs for starters, or fluency in Russian). But I don’t have any battles to fight at the moment. Rather, I haven’t identified any battles worth fighting. (As in, we still have Hanukkah decorations up! Should I stress about it and take them down? Mais non! It’s nearly Hanukkah again!)

I’m not looking for any problems. God forbid there are enough problems in this world. Anything can happen at any time. I count my blessings things are so stable at the moment. But for me, I need battles to fight. Last year my battle was getting Liron placed in a fantastic school and making sure we didn’t get screwed out of any Boston Public School evaluations, and getting them in a legally timely manner. I fought Cole Haan a few years ago about a pair of adorable ballet slippers that fell apart immediately. Fighting is what I do. In a professional email and phone calls kind of way, with a dash of rage when needed. It’s how I direct my passions. And I always win!

At the moment I have no battle identified. It’s springtime. I commute to work on my bike where I do interesting stuff. I interact with really nice, funny, interesting, smart people. I have a totally manageable schedule. For the most part Liron is a little angel and Sasha has more time to spend with us this summer. Often we cook dinner together. He grills, I make salad. Lately after dinner we’ve been going to the park to play soccer. So functional.

No battles. It hinders me. What do I blog about? What do I do after Liron goes to bed? Cook? TV? Books? Exercise? Sometimes it makes me grouchy. I guess I need to learn to live normally. Or wait for something to happen so I can look back and see what an F-ing idiot I was to write this post.

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