Ain’t been bloggin’

My relationship with social media changed recently. Nope, it has nothing to do with Edward Snowden whom I don’t give two figs about. I know as well as the government that big brother got nuthin on me. Nuthin. I’m a tax paying, jury duty serving, usually stop at the red lights type of chick. And yes, you are being watched. Surprised are you? Shocked? I say enjoy Russia, Ecuador, wherever you land. I envy the foreign language immersion you’ll get. Kick back with Assange while he evades Sweden with his sex crimes … Real standup guy this one.

My relationship with social media soured when I had a random Facebook fight with a friend. I can’t even get into it because my blog is public and anyone can (and possibly should, I kid) read it. Because people don’t air their dirty laundry on social media, and when they do it’s because they’re idiots. And since you shouldn’t air your dirty laundry on places like Facebook or my blog, I am simply marketing myself now aren’t I? Am I showing you who I really am, or the best version of me? Do I not review a photo before it becomes public?

Another thing happened. I took a while to respond to an email of someone I had been closer to a while back, but through the natural progression of life we grew apart and didn’t see each other anymore. He un-friended me on good ol’ FB and de-linked from me on LinkedIn. Arg!!

I’ve been feeling yucky about all this for a few weeks now. Yucky! Will I come around? Blog and update my status more regularly again? Probably. I really enjoy all of the positive aspects of social media – keeping in touch with family members and old friends, learning that people you kind of know share your interests and can relate to you, seeing pictures of friends and their kids and vacations and such.

As I said, ain’t been blogging. But I’ve missed you anyways, blogosphere.

One thought on “Ain’t been bloggin’

  1. I had a similar thing happen with a friend because apparently I was ‘boring’. I just don’t choose to broadcast everything on Facebook. This same friend wants to re-add me on Facebook. We still email each other but I’ve told i’m not adding her back onto Facebook because she now thinks I’m more ‘interesting’, I’m not doing anything differently than before. It all sounds a bit childish but social media can bring out the best and the worst in people.

    Losing a friend is not ever a nice feeling, and when the ‘break-up’ is public. However don’t let this stop you from being the person you are. If you enjoy blogging, updating your status regularly and generally benefit from social media then you should continue to do so.

    Hope you feel less yucky soon. 🙂

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