Dora to the Rescue! A nice doctor visit

Dora at the Doctor“Dora Dora Dora, the Explorer – Dora!” is commonly sang in our house. And why not. Dora’s a cool chick. You know this, I’ve blogged about her before. Dora is an adventurer and the role models in her stories are mainly female. Nurse Pilar and Dr. Lopez, for example, along with her Mami are the main characters in this book we have called Say “AHH” Dora Goes to the Doctor.

I’m not a big fan of the doctor. I try to stay away from the doctors’ offices and hospitals unless I feel I absolutely need to go. Balance that with the fact that I’m very pro-Western medicine. Because I’m scared. Yes, I had a thought to give birth without anesthesia, for about 10 minutes. When I give blood I warn the phlebotomist that I’m one of those nervous people, I look away, and I take deep breaths.

Liron is different, and she’s BOLD! She had her four-year checkup about 2 weeks ago. And this Dora bookLiron helped her prepare. Mama and Papa in tow, Liron greeted the medical assistant with excitement. “Are you a doctor!?” “No” he responded nicely, “I’m a medical assistant.” He did Liron’s first big kid hearing and eye exam (pictured). Check out those awesome glasses. Only in America! Then came Dr. Cohen. Fresh off her Dora appointment prep facts, Liron greeted her with excitement. “Dr. Cohen, are you going to check my throat with your stethoscope?” To which Dr. Cohen said no, she’d use a flashlight. Liron kindly reminded her twice about the throat check. Then the stethoscope came out and she listened to Liron’s heartbeat, to which Liron opened her mouth wide and said “AHHHH.”

Okay, a little out of sequence, but the thought was there.

Gosh, I wish I was such a champ at the doctor. Liron didn’t get my wimpy genes.

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