Detox, Facebook Style

20130722-223522.jpgMany of us can admit to a Facebook addiction, privately or publicly. I’m here to say it loud, “My name is Ellen and I’m addicted to Facebook.” I’m 34. This isn’t supposed to happen. I have a family, a job, a life. I have friends, I think. And I’m connected to them … Not really …

I decided the morning of Saturday, July 6 to liberate myself from the chains of FB – fitting for the weekend of Independence Day, huh? And by liberating myself from Facebook I’m not implying I’m quitting it. The goal was to just leave it the hell alone for the day! And cut down after that. The long-term goal is to simply check in less, ridding myself of the manic worry that if I don’t log in I’ll miss something REALLY IMPORTANT!

I recently watched Manhattan, Woody Allen’s film from 1979. Diane Keaton had fluffy, crimped hair and she answered a telephone. A real home phone with a base and a receiver. There was no caller ID. When her phone rang the interaction was completely impulsive. In 2013 this struck me as really romantic. What has happened to us, world?? And yes, this inspired my FB diet

So, how’d my detox go? It was strange. It’s said men have several thousands of sexual thoughts daily. I can’t begin to count how many times I’m instinctively driven to just open my phone and check in for no good old reason. Yes, I might miss a photo of one of my favorite couple’s toasting red wine in Spain. I might miss an instant news update on Snowden’s whereabouts, and I might even miss the fact that Putin and his wife are splitting up.

I might, however, notice that my quality of life improves. I might leave extra time for my original thoughts. I can have conversations with myself in the bathroom, rather than scrolling through updates. I might start living a little more like … 1979? Hey, that might not be so bad!

I recently brunched with two friends, in the flesh. It was awesome. The fact that Facebook kind of makes us all feel like crap came up. For me, logging into FB can get me down when I see all these people on fabulously exotic and long vacations while I’m working and sticking to routine. For another friend, FB is a reminder that everyone has a “fabulous,” “gorgeous” family. There are countless angles from which we can look, compare ourselves, and wind up feeling like big losers. So lets not do it, shall we?!

My Facebook diet has been going well. Well, it’s been OK. Could be better. I have the perspective, I know what I want and need to do, I guess now I just need to apply my dieting rules more consistently. Who else out there can admit an addiction? Is there a cure?

7 thoughts on “Detox, Facebook Style

  1. YES – we tend to fill up time with Facebook and other social media sites / gadgets on our phone just because we CAN, but it feels so good to just “be” and connect with people face to face! (However, as I type, I have Facebook and several other browsers open on my computer). I’m trying to limit my FB and smart phone usage on the whole instead of crazy multi-tasking all the time.

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  4. I feel like I’ve been on a life-imposed Facebook diet lately (though I did find time to post 3 separate pictures of ways that Mother Nature was screwing with me today.) Summer has been hard to keep up with my blog, my Facebook feeds, tweets and online activities in general. I fully intended to read one blog per day for the summer and this has proved so challenging to do. But, you know what, I think this is a good thing. As you’ve written, social media can be an addiction and I do think that I am addicted…at times. It is nice to know that I can let go and enjoy the “real world.” I’ll keep this in mind as I get back into the routine of the school year in September, which, unbelievably, is only about a month away. Where has summer gone????

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