Home Alone!

Peeps, when was the last time you were home alone? Mid-July for me, and the strangest thing is how thrilled yet discombobulated I was about the whole thing.

Sasha took Liron to New York from a Wednesday to a Saturday to visit his family. I stayed in Boston. This idea was sort of orchestrated by my mom I think, who for some reason thought it might be nice if I got some peace and quiet. Hmmm … So the ideal situation popped up and they took a train Wednesday morning and came back Saturday early evening.

Here’s a glimpse of how unraveled I became when alone (so much for “me” time!):

  • Wednesday 4:00PM, left work. Decided to walk home and drop forms off at Liron’s summer school. Realized I couldn’t get there in time. Still walked. Wind caused slightly awkward Marilyn Monroe skirt blow-ups. Zipped my light coat up to avoid said moments. Too warm, but safe in my coat. Searched for burrito for dinner. Must have burrito. Like Goldilocks and the Three Bears I couldn’t seem to find the right venue and burrito. Found one. Went home.  Ate burrito. Ate ice cream sundae. Watched Kardashian marathon. Tummy felt sick. Surrendered to sleep when my mind and body could no longer take TV.
  • Thursday 4:00PM, left work, began my walk home. Picked up burrito on the way. Got home. Ate burrito. Went to lay on couch and watch reality TV marathon but building alarm went off. Got dressed. Got the hell out. Went the hell back in. Lay in bed under covers until it was time for my preplanned (thank goodness) drink with a friend (probably around 8:00PM)..
  • Friday, 4:00PM, left work. Walked to Liron’s summer school to drop off forms. Went to H & M to buy $25.00 dress for girls’ night. Ran errands. Got home. Got friend. Other friend got us. Went out for tapas. Friends slept over. Win.
  • Saturday, girls’ brunch, hung out. Friends left. Back in bed under covers. Before family arrival time (around 5:30), went to kitchen and packed picnic for free jazz in the park night. Picked up family. Happy.

Maybe I’m just a creature of habit and this whole thing took me by surprise. I had a great time with friends, but on my own I struggled with the fact that I could do so much that I ended up either on the couch or in bed, with burrito. Lesson? Next time I’m home alone, I must plan better. Even when I’m planning just for me!

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