Meet me. And mia famiglia.

Pontificating in Portugal to no one in particularMy name is Ellen. I am a mom, first and foremost. As of this edit, 7/11/12, I have a 3.3 year old, and I’m 33. Freaky. Take that Scientology!  I have a master’s degree in mass communication with a focus in quantitative marketing research methods. I turned this degree into a program management career in biopharma followed by some really interesting work in social media marketing and marketing research. I have a lot to say about parenting, working, city living, and such. I want to talk about finding balance in life.

I am really lucky to have a totally kick ass husband and really awesome family members. Check out Sasha, below. Yup, Sasha’s great with kids. That kid behind him, in South Sudan, he’s laughing at Sasha’s complexion, and his Indiana Jones hat. Now you might confuse Sasha with George Clooney and I can see why. Look, they’re both scruffy, handsome humanitarians. Check out George. Check out Sasha. See what I’m saying?

Check out the picture below of Liron and Sasha on a leisurely Sunday stroll in our city. It’s days like those when I really think I can make it through this crazy life.

Strolling in the hood

Thanks for joining me.

5 thoughts on “Meet me. And mia famiglia.

  1. I’m loving your blog Ellen! and I just realized we have the same layout now. (great minds). 🙂 anyway – I’m not very good at following other people’s blogs, but I just subscribed to I will Have My Cake via email and I’m psyched to catch up – totally love your writing and your style.

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