Deep, important thoughts

  • Long weekend ahead!
  • I need to market my blog more. Keywords, SEO, the whole bit. I know I need to up my presence on other social media, but I haven’t found the time …
  • I’ve turned into a tea person.Current obsession. Loose tea of all kinds.
  • I’m really jazzed because I just ordered a week’s worth of shopping on peapod! And my Boston Organics is coming too. Shopping from home in my pajamas with tea is nice.
  • How are you doing today, dear reader?
  • I wish I had more time for Twitter.
  • I’m tired of people pushing their odd dietary flings in my face.
  • II find more people go to this page now that it’s called “Deep, important thoughts” instead of “Random thoughts.” I’m such a good marketer.
  • i’m  sold a weight bench on Craigslist the other day. Was I concerned some creepy, homicidal stranger might come to claim it? Nope. He had an “Oracle” email address. Shoot me. I know there’s no logic. Alas, I am alive to tell the tale.
  • Liron has a joke “The bear bear chicken bunny popped.” I translate this to mean “life doesn’t always make sense.” And really, does it have to? Of course not.
  • Back to school. Such emotion. That’s right, not just for the little ones. Today (Aug. 27) is Sasha’s first day at Fletcher! Yes, I’m a proud mama.
  • Do you get down when the days get shorter? The summer is coming to a close, but I feel happy.
  • I am sooo excited to check out Liron’s new school – Mason Elementary Pilot School in Boston.
  • Turn the TV off, Jenna!!
  • Did you, or do you read Cosmopolitan Magazine? I’ll admit I used to read my mom’s when I was younger but I kind of felt I outgrew that magazine genre, if you will. But with the passing of Helen Gurley Brown, former editor of Cosmo,  I at least wonder if I shouldn’t be reading Sex and the Single Girl – her book from 1962. She might just be the original Carrie Bradshaw.
  • Our friend Jenna just flew over from Tel Aviv. I made her coffee, toast, and handed her the vacuum.
  • I have two pregnant friends at the moment, that I know of. Make that three. Super cool!
  • Every year I want to go fruit picking but it never seems to happen. Will this year be my year?
    I went to Wally’s in Boston last night. Why have I never been there before?? Amazing place.
  • I think everyone should leave that actress Kristen Stewart alone. I get that she cheated on her boyfriend and ruined her relationship, but she’s only a 22-year old girl. Give her a break. Everyone screws up sometimes.
  • What do you do when some other kid is being an asshole to your kid on the playground (or a birthday party or whatever) and their parents aren’t paying attention?
  • I’m beyond disinterested in the Olympics this year. Between that dumb logo, the no-Munich minute, the empty seats, and other this other crap, it seems like a  big annoyance. Count me out suckers.
  • I spent the better half of Sunday trying to figure out who was to blame for the rip in my pants, my bum or Zara. The jury is still out.

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